A new multiverse was created from the darkness of a shattered reality. Realities are tied together through a mutual past, but each with a future that only they can determine. After Minion failed to destroy the Power Rangers, this reality was supposed to end, but its existence is needed to counter the threat Minion poses to another universe.
This is an AU series of Conquest of Evil that merges with a version of Carl Turner’s Power Rangers JLA to tell the tale of what happens when Minion lives on to visit a different reality.

Revelations: Coming Of The Dragon Master

New Additions

Final Arrangements

From Heroes to Legends

The Mighty Morphin Power Rnagers become members of the Justice League of America.

Kimberly, Zack, and Trini : Warrior Rangers

While fighting Putties, Kim, Zack, Trini, and Wonder woman have an unexpected time_traveling guest : Xena, Warrior Princess!

When Heroes Fall

Aquaman's gone totally murderous and wants to destroy all continents, starting with America.. and Angel Grove! It's up to Jason to stop him, but can he bring himself to do just that?


Jason's dealing with feelings of self_loathing and guilt after the events with Aquaman. Can the return of a legendary Green Lantern help him deal with this?

Avenger Zeo, Part One : Pink, Yellow, Black, and Blue

The Rangers are sent into the past to retrieve part of the Zeo Crystal.

Avenger Zeo, Part Two : Red, Gold, and Purple

The fight is continuing...

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